Juvenile Counseling Tests

ACDI-Corrections Version II

Is an evidence based self-report juvenile (male & female) assessment instrument or test. ACDI is the acronym for adolescent chemical dependency inventory. The ACDI-Corrections Version II is used in juvenile courts, juvenile probation departments, community corrections, outpatient intake services and counseling or treatment programs. It consists of 140 items and takes around 30 minutes to complete. From data (answers) computer input, scored and printed reports are available within 2 ½ minutes. At one sitting of approximately 30 minutes, staff can acquire a vast amount of juvenile-related information. There are seven (7) scales (measures): 1. Truthfulness Scale, 2. Violence Scale, 3. Adjustment Scale, 4. Distress Scale, 5. Alcohol Scale, 6. Drugs Scale and 7. Stress Coping Abilities Scale. If the intent is to identify disturbed and/or violent juveniles so they can be helped, we recommend the ACDI-Corrections version II. More info is available on www.acdi-corrections-versionII.com along with an example report.

Juvenile Court Tests

All of the juvenile court tests discussed in this website have a Truthfulness Scale to determine the juvenile's truthfulness while completing the test. Juvenile Court tests include: ACDI-Corrections Version II, Domestic Violence Inventory-Juvenile, Juvenile Pre-Disposition Evaluation, and Sexual Adjustment Inventory-Juvenile.

Juvenile Detention Tests

The ACDI-Corrections Version II and the Juvenile Detention Exam (JDE) are two juvenile detention tests discussed on this website along with their example reports, Interested parties should visit www.juvenile-detention-tests.

Juvenile Intervention Assessment (JIA)

Assesses major risk factors associated with delinquency and acting out behavior. JIA results are helpful in case planning, supervision, referral and, as warranted, in counseling or treatment. The JIA is an intake or screening instrument for troubled youth. The JIA consists of 143 items and takes an average of 25 minutes to complete. From data (answers) computer input, JIA tests are scored and 3 page reports are printed within 2 ½ minutes. Nine JIA Scales (Domains) 1. Truthfulness Scale, 2. Anxiety Scale, 3. Depression Scale, 4. Distress Scale, 5. Drug Scale, 6. Alcohol Scale, 7. Self-Esteem Scale, 8. Family Dynamics Scale, 9. Stress Management Scale. For Juvenile Intervention Assessment (JIA) information and to review its example report, visit www.juvenile-intervention-assessment.com.

Juvenile Probation Tests

This website describes the following juvenile tests and provides a look at their example reports: Adolescent Chemical Dependency Inventory (ACDI). ACDI Corrections Version II; Domestic Violence Inventory-Juvenile; Juvenile Detention Exam (JDE); Juvenile Pre-Disposition Evaluation (JPE); Juvenile Pre-Post; Juvenile Substance Abuse Profile (JSAP); Outreach Assessment (OA), Sexual Adjustment Inventory-Juvenile (SAI-Juvenile), and Treatment Intervention Inventory-Juvenile (TII-Juvenile). All BDS tests websites are set forth on www.tests-websites.com.

Juvenile Tests

These juvenile tests meet strict professional standards for reliability, validity and accuracy. And all of these tests are evidence based. They also have a Truthfulness Scale: Adolescent Chemical Dependency Inventory (ACDI). ACDI Corrections Version II, Domestic Violence Inventory-Juvenile (DVI-Juvenile), Juvenile Pre-Disposition Evaluation (JPE), Juvenile Substance Abuse Profile (JSAP), Juvenile Pre-Post, Sexual Adjustment Inventory-Juvenile (SAI-juvenile), Shoplifting Inventory (SI), and Treatment Intervention Inventory-Juvenile (TII-Juvenile). All of these juvenile test listings are provided with their website address. An Additional BDS website source is at www.tests-websites.com.

Domestic Violence Inventory-Juvenile

The DVI-Juvenile is a popular test that is used to evaluate juveniles who are accused or convicted of domestic violence. The DVI-Juvenile is used in juvenile courts, juvenile probation departments, outpatient clinics, counseling agencies and domestic violence treatment programs. The Domestic Violence Inventory-Juvenile is discussed in the www.domestic-violence-tests.com website. Six DVI-Juvenile Scales (Domains): 1. Truthfulness Scale, 2. Violence Scale, 3. Control Scale, 4. Alcohol Scale, 5. Drug Scale, and 6. Stress Coping Abilities Scale. The DVI-Juvenile has 149-items and takes 30 minutes to complete. Early detection of domestic violence facilitates prompt intervention or treatment. For more Domestic Violence Inventory-Juvenile information review the DVI example report as it shows how domestic violence information is gathered and set forth in the report.

Outcome: Treatment Effectiveness Test links

Pre-Post Inventory examines adult treatment effectiveness or change. Probation Referral Outcome (PRO) measures probationer treatment change or outcome.
DVI Pre-Postevaluates domestic violence treatment effectiveness or change. Juvenile Pre-Post assesses juvenile treatment effectiveness or change.


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